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* CollectA 88800 Deluxe (1:20) - Uintatherium
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5 von 5 Sternen!
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Rezensionen zu: * CollectA 88800 Deluxe (1:20) - Uintatherium

* CollectA 88800 Deluxe (1:20) - Uintatherium
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Datum: 20.05.2017

Autor: Manuel Alejandro G.

Bewertung:5 von 5 Sternen!

Rezensionen zu: * CollectA 88800 Deluxe (1:20) - Uintatherium

Collecta in relation to its animals in general and especially in prehistoric creatures is one of the best companies of dinosaurs and in relation to the elaboration of prehistoric mammals have no rival in the toy market and is no exception this genius Uintatherium that is recommended for children and collectors without exception. It is by far the best figure of uintatherium made up to now and that far surpasses other figures made by other companies.

Year after year Collecta gives jumps of giants with regard to the elaboration of prehistoric animals and for me it is good news that at last has made this species that is very dark in the collection of mammals of toy and very underrated being one of the Better known prehistoric mammals. The valuation that I have of Collecta 2017 along with its homologue Safari 2017 in relation to the creation of dinosaurs and prehistoric animals is of matriculation of honor so much as regards the quality of its material and that its figures from the scientific point of view are of The best that one can find in the toy prehistoric animals market.

An animal the uintatherium I recommend to one hundred percent.