Shipping; Returns

As parcel and postal service raised prices massivly, we will have to adjust our s/h costs, too, and we will also redo the s/h structure during august.

How are orders shipped?
Items in our catalog are sent by regular post or by courier (e.g. DHL or Postal Service).
For especially large volumes/amounts, a commissioned shipper will be used. We always ship insured. We update the shipped or not shipped information in our system, when we ship first time incl. tracking details and tracking link. When we ship via, tracking number mostly works at your local postal service, too.
Your Order is continuously processed after entry and should be delivered asap.
All Shipping Costs:
Land / Countryin Euro
Deutschland / Germany4,95
sterreich / Austria4,95
Schweiz / Switzerland9,90
Niederlande / Netherlands4,95
Schweden / Sweden9,90
Finnland / Finland9,90
Belgien / Belgium4,95
Grobritannien / United Kingdom9,90
Luxemburg / Luxembourg4,95
Norwegen / Norway9,90
Irland / Ireland9,90
Italien / Italy9,90
Tschechische Republik / Czech Republic9,90
Ungarn / Hungary9,90
Liechtenstein / Liechtenstein9,90
Frankreich / France9,90
Portugal / Portugal9,90
Spanien / Spain9,90
Griechenland / Greece9,90
Dnemark / Denmark9,90
USA / USA19,80
Kanada / Canada19,80
Australien / Australia19,80
Europa / Europe9,90
weitere / others19,80

If you order (only valid per order) for 100 Euro to 199,99 Euro, we deduct 4,95 Euro from the shipping costs; from 200 to 299,99 Euros we deduct 9,90 Euros from your shipping costs; from 300 to 399,99 Euros we deduct 14,85 Euros from your shipping costs; .... 
Important Notice

Please note the following procedures:
Shipping Damages should be reported to the delivering agent immediately upon receipt when you sign for it. Subsequently, inform Modellpferdeversand of the reported shipping damage. If you plan to return any items, please inform us before doing so by Email, Fax or Phone.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.