Earning and Using Bonus Horse Shoes

Registered Customers can earn Bonus Horse Shoes. You earn Bonus Horse Shoes at order value (only goods - no shipping / handling) of:
fromtoBonus Horse Shoes
220,01 15
The value of 1 Bonus Horse Shoe is 0,30; they can be used at future orders or can be collected. F.e. we want to offer that those Bonus Horse Shoes can be used for an upgrade on the waiting list for Breyerfest specials (use 5 Bonus Horse Shoes to get 1 step higher in Email row for the specials) or to use them at the Model Horse Liveshow in Munich 2018 , each Bonus Horse Shoe will have a value of EUR 0,50 (50 Cent) at the Liveshow.
Main condition is a registration in our shop. In case your email address will change, you need to change it in our shop as well. Bonus Horse Shoes will be earned after placing an order. You will see them at next order. Customers, who are ordering as guests without registration can't earn Bonus Horse Shoes.
This is a voluntary offer: no change into cash and no transfer of Bonus Horse Shoes to third parties. Earned Bonus Horse Shoes will be deleted, when we need to send a reminder for payment. Returns will also be allocated to earned Bonus Horse Shoes. If you use horse shows, when you pay via paypal, we refund the value after placing the order, as it is not possible to include the bonus horseshows at paypal checkout.